John Martin

laughing through grad school
(academic stuff) (hints of life beyond
school and work)
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bellow boy

when i was a bellow boy, i sang out summer songs
long in the pine shade, drunk in the sun, i
swam naked in a cool lake, lilting
like a bullfrog to the sky, to the sky.
when i was a bellow boy, i warmed beneath a bold night
counting constellations out like sheep, i'd
cry with every dying sigh the loons called off to dance
until the silent shrills of morning bid me wake.
Now I dream in flannel itchy,
drywall cave with hissy furnace
cackling clock electric buzz
to jolt my asphalt tin commute
(sardines and cattle up the ladder)
blaring filtered air conditioned
muzak marching me productive,
far from when i used to be
a bellow boy beneath a tree.

-john martin 1997