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in the Annapurna region

It's been so long...

It was Oct-Dec 1994. I was cubicled and headsetted to a 1-800-HELPME job in Minneapolis, providing valuable customer support for Compaq customers (Windows 3.2 [shudder]). After two months I bought a ticket to Nepal (via Chicago, NYC, Paris, Amsterdam, and Karachi). I did a 5 day Nepali-owned (no first-aid kit) whitewater raft tripdown the Kali Gandaki river, trekked 24 days on the Annapurna circuit and sanctuary (a very similar trip one year later is at David Metsky's site), then 11 days in the Langtang region (similar to this itinerary), and a bunch of days in between in Pohkara, Kathmandu, etc.

kathmandu street

Nice things about traveling alone: