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This section of my site represents the life I once had, before my current stint as a doctoral student at UW-Madison. Hence, much of it is old.

There are, however, a few interesting things I've done. The calendar project, for example, is still a pretty neat little photo-a-day journal of my life for 2004. Some of the drawings and paintings I did aren't horrible, and they remind me that if I apply myself I can find time to do fun things. I have a page for my Meyers-Briggs personality stuff because I think it's the most accurate and concise external representation of who I am. My sad and outdated resume shows another side of me. There's a page dedicated to my trip to Nepal, where immediately afterwards, I vowed to go into water resource management and invent a better outhouse (and never did). And, perhaps the most important, are my writings -- a masters degree of poetry that I look back upon from time to time when I get particularly upset with the tenor of my academic papers. I used to write with a sense of passion.