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Discourse Bending

We allhave multiple identities that shift and change according to the communities that we move among. As we shift from "work" to "home", the roles we play, and Discourses that we demonstrate change. We speak less as professionals and more as family members. If we go grocery shopping, we take on the Discourses of shoppers, and follow different social norms than we do in other situations.

These Discourses exist at many levels in our lives, and do a fine job of structuring our existence, but they also tend to close off opportuities to interact with those outside the Discourse. One of the goals in the bigger picture of my research is to explore how to bend open the Discourses we exist in, in order to allow us to see the world from other perspectives, and to help allow others the opportunitiy to see the world from the perspective of the Discourses we operate within.

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