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Making Something

My focus in Spring 2005 has been to explore the possibility of a design-based research project for my dissertation. What I think I've settled on is using some sort of Augmented Reality game, that I present in the video presentation Body Games 1, and more rhythmically in Body Games 2.

There are four of us that formed a group around the Augmented Reality Games, using a new version of MIT's River City Editor game engine that they used to create Environmental Detectives. Because our interests went invarious directoins, and because there wasn't a whole lot to do while we waited for the new game engine to be released, we each worked on our own variation of a game, meeting to discuss capabilities and the progress on the game engine. Mingfong Jan is working on a game that helps teach the history of Madison's Greenbush Neighborhood. Jim Mathews is building an interesting game that puts the user on the UW - Madison campus during Dow Day in October 1967 . Mark Stone delved into a needs analysis to use the game engine as a virual tour guide for the University (much like Miguel Campoy Ederra's thesis project).

I decided to try to meld together the simple-tech aspects of camping and hiking at FML with the high-tech aspects of this game engine, and to do so while keeping as much of the rich history of the place as possible. For my inspiration, I used a previous camp director's narrative of his experience as a camper, counselor and director at FML -- specifically, I refer to this excerpt on The Mystery Trip. If you're interested in my work, I strongly recommend that you read it, as it does a great job of capturing the romance and magic of Flying Moose Lodge that has enthralled me since 1993.

It all ended quite badly, or rather, it hasn't yet ended. I discuss the adventure in my final paper.