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I’ve been very lucky to be given the go ahead to turn this pilot into a program! We’re doing fun stuff again this semester!

Active Teaching Lab - Hands-onSponsored by DoIT Academic Technology and the UW Teaching Academy, the Active Teaching Lab provides a safe space and refreshments for structured explorations of the cool teaching tools and techniques that your peers are using to engage students and teach more effectively.

If you missed an event, each session page has a link to a video of the instructor sharing: 1) what they wanted; 2) what they tried; 3) what happened; and 4) what they’d do next time.

Spring 2016 Sessions

  • Feb 05 Canvas, with Catherine Arnott Smith from the School of Library and Information Studies. Session page
  • Feb 12  Online Platforms for Language Learning, with Andrew Irving from French. Session page
  • Feb 19 Design Thinking for Course Activities, with Pamela McGranahan & George Jura from Nursing. RSVP • Session page
  • Feb 26 Piazza with John Gillett from Statistics. RSVP • Session page
  • Mar 04 GoPro Cameras to improve student interviewing skills, with Kristen Pickett from Occupational Therapy. RSVP • Session page
  • Mar 11 Electronic Lab Notebooks, with John Puccinelli from Biomedical Engineering. RSVP • Session page
  • Mar 18 Workflow Visualization Toolkit, with Alan Hackbarth from UW Colleges. RSVP • Session page
  • Apr 01 OpenAuthor for WordPress eTexts, with Steel Wagstaff from Learning Support Services. RSVP • Session page
  • Apr 08 for Student-curated Collections, with Anna Andrzejewski from Art History. RSVP • Session page
  • Apr 15 for Assigning Annotations, with Jeremy Morris from Communication Arts. RSVP • Session page
  • Apr 22 TopHat for Student Learning and feedback, with Laurie Brachman from Marketing. RSVP • Session page
  • Apr 29 Timeline Software, with Bronwen Masemann from Library Science. RSVP • Session page
  • May 06 Google Drive for Course Docs, with Tanya Buckingham from Geography. RSVP • Session page

Past Labs — Fall 2015

  • 12.04.15: Blackboard Collaborate with David Feldstein & Yuyen Chang. Session Page.
  • 12.01.15: MakerSpaces with Catherine Stephens. Session Page.
  • 11:20.15: Skype (VideoConferencing) with Andrew Irving. Session Page.
  • 11.13.15: Flipping Lectures in CSCR with Aurelie Rakotondrafara. Session page.
  • 11.10.15: Course Design in Popplet with Margene Anderson. Session page.
  • 11.06.15: Google Maps with Colin Connors. Session page.
  • 11.03.15: Google Forms with John Martin. Session page.
  • 10.30.15: Flipped Learning Strategies with Lauren Rosen. Session page.
  • 10.27.15: Kaltura MediaSpace with Josh Harder. Session page.
  • 10.23.15: Photo-Mapping in Siftr with Margene Anderson. Session page.
  • 10.20.15: Critical Readers in CSCR with Cid Freitag, Dan LaValley & Emmanuel Contreras. Session page.
  • 10.13.15: Case Scenarios in CSCR with Margene Anderson, Dan LaValley & Emmanuel Contreras. Session page.
  • 10.16.15: Engagement Strategies in Moodle with Shiela Reaves & Jenny Chung. Session page.
  • 10.09.15: eTexts with Colin Connors. Session page.
  • 10.06.15: Adobe Captivate with Dan LaValley and Josh Harder. Session page.
  • 10.02.15: Twitter with Catalina Toma. Session page.
  • 09.29.15: Google Apps in D2L with John Martin. Session page.
  • 09.25.15: Google Docs with Tim Paustian. Session page.
  • 09.22.15: Course Design in D2L with Margene Anderson. Session page.
  • 09.18.15: Diigo with Duncan Carlsmith. Session page.

Past Labs — Spring 2015

The Active Teaching Lab is co-sponsored by the UW Teaching Academy, which hosts this page, and DoIT Academic Technology.

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