Teaching & Learning Symposium 2015

IMG_0452-John at 2015 SymposiumLast Wednesday was my birthday, and for my birthday my university held a huge two-day party, invited my favorite people, and held all sorts of sessions about my favorite topics. They called it the Teaching & Learning Symposium. I got to take pictures, show a poster, and help facilitate a few sessions, and attend others. There was cake (well, sweet breads and bagels) and ice cream (actually creamer for the coffee), and coffee, and sandwiches and fruit, etc.

Learning Outside; Mobile-Enhanced Field Research as Instructional Method
David Gagnon, Field Day Lab, Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery
Tim Lindstrom and Cathy Middlecamp, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
John Martin, DoIT Academic Technology

In this session, we will propose a practical and scalable instructional method for increasing the connection between course concepts and the world outside the classroom. Field research activities challenge learners to apply discipline-specific vocabulary or taxonomies to interpret their messy and ill-defined experience. Come see and try the easy and accessible mobile tools that scaffold this process, giving each course a shared database of student-created content for class discussion or projects.

50 Ways to Blend Your Learning
Jamie Henke and Jesse Stommel, Division of Continuing Studies
Michael Maguire, Civil Society & Community Studies
John Martin, DoIT Academic Technology
Lyn Van Swol, Communication Arts

The problem’s all inside your head / She said to me. / The ways to blend are easy if you / Take it logically. / We’d like to help you in your struggle / As you teach. / There must be fifty ways / to blend your learning. // [CHORUS:] Crowdsource it on YouTube / Make a case study / You don’t need to remake your course / Just try one of these: / Padlet or Voicethread / Don’t need a discussion bored / Try a Google Community / And get them to play. //


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