Canvas-themed Active Teaching Labs

As UW-Madison transitions from D2L and Moodle to Canvas, I’ve been hosting weekly Active Teaching Labs that feature: Early-adopting faculty sharing their stories (successes, challenges, frustrations, workarounds, etc.) of using Canvas tools. Independent, guided, hands-on experience through Activity Sheets (example) on each theme. Quality Q&A and discussion about the pedagogical aspects of the tools and their use —informed by the hands-on experience. It’s been moderately successful with about ~15 coming each week. Afterward, we create a simple recap with takeaways and videos of the Continue reading

Google Docs: Embedding Tricks for Canvas (and other systems)

there’s the official way to publish google Docs, and it works with various degrees of success. Depending on the system, it may strip out width and height defaults, or other small details that make the content look good. I’d like to share some alternate methods.   This is Monday’s schedule for a course design bootcamp I help run, and here’s the HTML iframe embed code: <iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”1200″></iframe> Ignoring that, for this post in WordPress, I changed the width Continue reading