Situating Mobile Learning

Presentation/workshop for EDUCAUSE Connect Chicago, March 18, 2014.

Abstract: Educators know that learning happens best when learners are motivated and supported, so how can we support learning activities where students use the technology at their disposal? Our faculty used mobile and web technologies to create interactive tours and collaborative field research for students to engage with content situated in authentic contexts. Building on this experience, the Mobile Learning Incubator has been evaluating the integration of game elements into newer field research tools. In this session, we’ll get in touch with our inner college student to understand the breadth and scope of mobile as a learning tool, synthesize our different perspectives in small groups, analyze and evaluate how current uses of mobile in higher education teaching and learning support these perspectives, and create a set of challenges and strategies around mobile learning for higher education IT to address. 

Outcomes: In this session you will:

  • Learn several types of mobile-enhanced T&L activities
  • Inhabit a student’s view of mobile
  • Create and share a range of potential learning activities based on that perspective
  • Evaluate how IT can address mobile learning needs, based on a T&L focus

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