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Our TechTrends article is now online — soon to be in better newsstands and libraries across the globe! Sadly, the title isn’t quite what it should be. What it should be is:

Participatory Scaling of Augmented Reality Learning
through Local Games

Authors: John Martin, Seann Dikkers, Kurt Squire, David Gagnon

Abstract: The proliferation of broadband mobile devices, which many students bring to school with them as mobile phones, makes the widespread adoption of AR pedagogies a possibility, but pedagogical, distribution, and training models are needed to make this innovation an integrated part of education, This paper employs Social Construction of Technology (SCOT) to argue for a participatory model of scaling by key stakeholders groups (students, teachers, researchers, administrators), and demonstrates through various cases how ARIS ( — a free, open-source tool for educators to create and disseminate mobile AR learning experiences — may be such a model.

Takeaways: The big takeaway is that instead of creating one-off learning activities, we created an easy-to-use tool for creating learning activities. And we created a community space (Google Group) for educators and users to share stories and ideas and problems. And they seem to have come, built many learning activities, and are supporting each other in the community space.

Yay Educators and Learners! You can buy a copy here from Springer for $40, or, if you’re an educator, email me for a draft version.


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