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heartland rambling

A Curious Intellect* Visits the Heartland Once. There was big, beautiful, clever brain. It was a very curious brain, and traveled all over the world of ideas, from field to field, across seas of knowledge and mountains of data. It collected trophies and specimens and souvenirs from its travels. By studying these carefully, it unpacked many mysteries, and discovered significant systems that seemed to be foundational patterns underlying the secrets of the universe. It was a happy brain. But there Continue reading

Teaching & Learning Symposium 2015

Last Wednesday was my birthday, and for my birthday my university held a huge two-day party, invited my favorite people, and held all sorts of sessions about my favorite topics. They called it the Teaching & Learning Symposium. I got to take pictures, show a poster, and help facilitate a few sessions, and attend others. There was cake (well, sweet breads and bagels) and ice cream (actually creamer for the coffee), and coffee, and sandwiches and fruit, etc. Learning Outside; Mobile-Enhanced Continue reading

What I learned: Professional Painter

The biggest lesson is that I’m as good or better at mudding and painting (albeit considerably slower) than the pros were. I think it’s because it’s my place, and I care about it, whereas for them it’s just another day, and another job. Lesson #2 is “buy good paint” and OMG Benjamin Moore’s Aura is amazing! A gallon of that covered the whole room —and it covered so well. I bought “Moonshine” (2140-60), though it looks more green at night than it did Continue reading

Critiquing to Learn

Here are a few thoughts to develop my critiquing design for students: 1) Identify Examples; 2) Deconstruct them; 3) Collaborate and iterate towards them. One of the best ways that I learn is by taking apart good examples. It’s a cliche stereotype perhaps, but as a boy, I destroyed the wind up alarm clock that I got for Christmas one year because I wanted to understand what made it tick. For my birthday, a few months later my folks, to their Continue reading

Addition plans update

To followup, and supplement the images in my previous post, here are a few new images to reflect my current thinking on the covered and stairs addition. In the first image, I’ve mocked up a NW view using actual measurements, where the black lines reflect the existing structure and the blue lines reflect the addition. In the second image, I’ve mocked up an approximate floor plan. The blue lines are already countertops — sorry — so the pink lines represent Continue reading

Addition Stages

I need to replace the stairs to the upstairs flat in my house before winter. So, I’ve been sketching ideas on how to do that. In an earlier post (February), I proposed turning a deck into a 4-season porch (unfinished/unheated) while I was at it, but that got expensive, and there wasn’t a good way to “stage” it into smaller (more affordable) chunks. The other weekend at a friend’s wedding in Colorado I had this idea:

Addition Idea

It’s cold out now. And dark. Winter is depressing. And the 500 square-foot apartment that I share with my dog can seem very small when I’m holed up in it for too many months. To enter my apartment, through its “front” door, I currently have to walk up some rickety steps to an old deck that’s floating on a rubber roof on top of a 7′ by 11′ first floor bathroom addition. Though it’s old, the deck overlooks Olbrich Park, Continue reading

GLS 8.0 call for papers

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is excited to announce the Games+Learning+ Society (GLS) Conference 8.0 to be held June 13-15, 2012, with preconference activities on June 12 including the GLS Educators Symposium and the inaugural year of the GLS Doctoral Consortium at the Memorial Union on campus. The GLS Conference is the premier event in the field of videogames and learning. Now in its eighth year, this grassroots “indie” event is evolving to include more innovative content formats and new programming. Continue reading

GSF – Another perspective

It’s interesting to me that so little time (thus far) has been invested in coding and disseminating the results of the GSF at work. I anticipate that it’s a longer term process than the is the wont of my own volatile curiosity. With that as my assumption, I’ve been reading on my own. I’ve grabbed some excerpts from the lavishly titled The Genius and Beauty Found Within The Clifton StrengthsFinder Themes of Talent (PDF), by Edward “Chip” Anderson, Ph.D. Professor, Doctoral Studies in Educational Leadership, Azusa Pacific Continue reading

Gallup StrengthsFinder

One of the most significant AHA! moments in my life was in 1985, taking the MBTI (which I thought was formulaic and stupid as I took it), but then getting a blueprint of my soul on a pink dittoed sheet (There are enough like me to warrant a stack of dittoed sheets!?). I’ve taken the full MBTI three times since, and the Keirsey Type Indicator about a dozen times, and despite thinking each time that I’ve surely changed because I Continue reading

Madison Bike Lane (snow-go)

Madison Parks and Recreation does a fantastic job clearing the bike/ped paths after a snowfall (nice for citizens who like to stay in shape all year), but Madison Streets department certainly doesn’t prioritize for their plowing for bike commuters. Here’s the contra-flow lane on University Ave this morning (note the use of bike lane as “place to pile snow” at the intersections).

GLS Conference Announced

The University of Wisconsin–Madison is excited to announce the Games+Learning+Society (GLS) Conference 7.0 to be held June 15–17, 2011 at the Memorial Union on campus. Session Submissions are due by Monday, 7 March 2011. The GLS Conference is the premier event in the field of videogames and learning. Now in its seventh year, this grass roots “indie” event is evolving to include innovative content formats and new programming. And after waiting lists for registration in past years, we’re now finally Continue reading