Crocodoc! — Annotating PDFs in an LMS

D2L and CrocodocI just found’s recently-acquired Crocodoc, and promptly tried to embed it in D2L as part of my “Embed Everything!” philosophy.

I was looking for a solution to problem: “how can I get my students to collaboratively read a PDF?” (for PDFs that are text-based, it’s easy to import them to Google Docs and have them read and annotate them there, but image-based PDFs don’t convert very well). Enter Crocodoc.

It turns out that Crocodoc Personal lets one do this quite elegantly, even when linked (“Add Quicklink”) as content in Desire2Learn.

Though a tiny bit trickier, it’s pretty easy to embed the document as an iframe as well. Go ahead and mark this document up…

There are a number of other uses for this that I can imagine:

  • Art History images: have students claim one portion of an image and research it
  • Burning Questions: After reading, highlight the most confusing part and add your question as a note
  • Embed it in Piazza for group discussions

add your own ideas in the comments (or on the document itself!)

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